Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shop Rebranding!

For over 3 years Tails&Snouts has been represented by a cute cuddly blue elephant, but as the shop changes so must our cute mascot. Originally the elephant was intended to capture the cute knit toys that I began making at the start. Since then I've begun changing the shops direction to focusing on yarns and fibers. A elephant doesn't exactly fit that well with a fiber and yarn shop. So over the weekend I discussed with my branding designer about creating a new mascot and here she is! A lovely lamb that still captures the Tails&Snouts cute edge, but with a fibery focus. I absolutely love the new mascot. Currently this little cutie doesn't have a name yet, but there's a suggestion box on the Facebook page if you have an idea. Since the shop got a new mascot that means all the branding needed some spicing up. So keep an eye out for the new banner, business cards, and labels!

Thanks everyone!

-Elizabeth :)