Friday, September 9, 2011

New Items

For awhile now I've been having a build up of wools and fibers that were just begging to be spun, but until recently I hadn't had the chance to work with them. Here are the finished products all beautiful in their handspun and hand dyed glory!

Cute Wild Things

Baby Bunnies

Young Fisher Cat

Baby Owls

Cute Critters!

Foster puppy Wilber
Foster puppy Wilber

New silky chicken
Other new silky chicken

Foster Kitten
Foster Kitten

First day that we got Wilber, 7 days old

Frenchie Puppies from c-section I was able to help with

Frenchie puppy

Foster kittens

New Silky chickens


I know I've simply been so bad at this whole blogging business. Since last March life has been a bit wild! Was participating in my school's traditional performance, trying to finish all of my graduation requirements so that I would have the opportunity to attend college a year early, and over the summer I felt a lack of inspiration for my business. But now that I've started college my inspiration has sky rocketed as I begin to find relief in working on my business once again. Since last march I've created a couple new items and have come up with some interesting ideas. Some working out, while some failed miserably. We've also had a fair amount of interest creatures arrive in the house hold, which I'll post pictures of. Now on to posting a outrageous amount of photos. Hope all have been doing well and enjoy!