Friday, September 9, 2011

New Items

For awhile now I've been having a build up of wools and fibers that were just begging to be spun, but until recently I hadn't had the chance to work with them. Here are the finished products all beautiful in their handspun and hand dyed glory!

Cute Wild Things

Baby Bunnies

Young Fisher Cat

Baby Owls

Cute Critters!

Foster puppy Wilber
Foster puppy Wilber

New silky chicken
Other new silky chicken

Foster Kitten
Foster Kitten

First day that we got Wilber, 7 days old

Frenchie Puppies from c-section I was able to help with

Frenchie puppy

Foster kittens

New Silky chickens


I know I've simply been so bad at this whole blogging business. Since last March life has been a bit wild! Was participating in my school's traditional performance, trying to finish all of my graduation requirements so that I would have the opportunity to attend college a year early, and over the summer I felt a lack of inspiration for my business. But now that I've started college my inspiration has sky rocketed as I begin to find relief in working on my business once again. Since last march I've created a couple new items and have come up with some interesting ideas. Some working out, while some failed miserably. We've also had a fair amount of interest creatures arrive in the house hold, which I'll post pictures of. Now on to posting a outrageous amount of photos. Hope all have been doing well and enjoy! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hatching Time

I simply can't express how excited I am for these ducklings! We've finally reached lock down, which simply means that you stop turning the eggs and wait for them to hatch. So within the next few days there should be little quacks. Since they're Call ducks, or so we think, we might need to help them hatch due to the fact that they have a short bill. Over the next few days we'll need to check for internal pips, but I personally get the feeling that these aren't actually Call ducks. A few days ago we realized that the ducklings are black and white, which isn't right since Call ducklings should be yellow. But no matter what they are going to be the cutest critters I've seen in a while.

By the way I've managed to finish the fox toy pattern, it isn't perfected yet, but it's a start. Also to prepare you for the hatching cuteness here are some of the chicks we've hatched before.
Here are some wild ducklings

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Surprises!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delayed wait life has been a bit hectic. I do have some good news and some wonderful new creations to show you. To start off the first batch of ducklings should be hatching at the beginning of next week, so excited! Out of the 11 that we started out with 9 have made it so far, which I have to say is wonderfully surprising. We never had this much luck when hatching chickens. So I'll be putting pictures up of those cute little guys once they pop out. Plus we also have another batch of duck eggs to look forward to after these ones. They'll only be about a week apart I believe.

Also over the past few weeks I've been designing a new toy line, and some more Wild Things and knit critters, but the first little guy has been made! His name is Oslo and he's part of the series called "Scandinavian ystäväsi", which means Scandinavian friends. I've also made a new Wild Thing named Borus. And lastly I've been working on knitting pattern for a fox, which has been taking me longer than I thought to get the tail just right.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Newest little guys

Sorry for the delay in updates everyone, but you all know how busy life gets. So as you may remember we are currently hatching Call Duck eggs. We originally had 19, but those all turned out to be duck less duds. So now we have 11 new eggs, which all seem to be kicking literally. We've looked at them with a flashlight (candling) and can see all 11 heartbeats! Those little guys should be popping out in about 3 weeks or so. I can't wait!!!

Anyways lately I've been creating a new design for a toy, it isn't finished yet, but it gives off a very strong northern European flair. :] Lately I've been doing a bit more knitting and some more "Wild Thing Theory" and here they are.

Here's "not so little" Theodor, he's a chunk. I can just imagine him plopping down right in front of a monster pile of cookies and just sucking them down like a vacuum cleaner.

And this is little Milo, super cute and cuddly :D

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project Sweet Pea

A few weeks ago a local non-profit organization got in contact with me asking if I'd be interested in donating a basket for a raffle. The proceeds from the raffle would be used to create care packages for families who have babies in the NICU. I happily agreed to this offer and now the basket is finally finished. They were so thrilled. Honestly I'm not sure who felt more elated!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cute Attack: My Favorites

Sorry for the delay in overwhelming cuteness, but the household continues to be under attack with this dreaded flu. The irony being that I've gotten the flu shot, yet here I am still sick. Anyways the duck eggs that I've referred to in prior post are here! 19 Call Ducks will hopefully be hatching in 23-26 days!!! Yippy! The cuteness to come! But until that time I've been saving the pictures of my favorite foster kittens, Meatball and Taco! In all honesty out of all the foster kittens that I've had those two little guys are the winners. When we first got them they were only 5 days old. Their bellies were so round and the little umbilicord still attached. Little Meatball was the sweetest thing, we actually almost lost him, but thankfully we had our vet sources.  Meatball had to stay at the vets but the brothers, in short time, were reunited. Meatball was my personal favorite, Taco being my sisters'. Meatball is the gray one, while Taco is black spotted.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cute Attack: The Wild Ones 3

Lately the whole family, including myself have come down with the sickies, so posts may become a bit delayed. But there is good news!! I've just been informed that I'll have the chance to hatch ducklings! :D Which will be super cute and you guys will have the opportunity to watch it go.

Now here's a taste of the wild life: Baby red squirrels from the "foster mums"!

***** If you ever find a wild or orphaned animal bring it to the appropriate location where it can be properly looked after. DO NOT try to raise a wild or orphaned animal without proper training! My sister and I have both received proper training to foster kittens and she has also received her wildlife rehabilitation license. It is ILLEGAL for anyone who is not licensed to have possession of a wild animal. Thank you*****

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Wild Thing Theory

Recently I decided to place my newest design of toys/creatures into action: "The Wild Thing Theory". These little guys quickly become my favorite and I just feel the need to share all that has been created so far.