Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Surprises!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delayed wait life has been a bit hectic. I do have some good news and some wonderful new creations to show you. To start off the first batch of ducklings should be hatching at the beginning of next week, so excited! Out of the 11 that we started out with 9 have made it so far, which I have to say is wonderfully surprising. We never had this much luck when hatching chickens. So I'll be putting pictures up of those cute little guys once they pop out. Plus we also have another batch of duck eggs to look forward to after these ones. They'll only be about a week apart I believe.

Also over the past few weeks I've been designing a new toy line, and some more Wild Things and knit critters, but the first little guy has been made! His name is Oslo and he's part of the series called "Scandinavian ystäväsi", which means Scandinavian friends. I've also made a new Wild Thing named Borus. And lastly I've been working on knitting pattern for a fox, which has been taking me longer than I thought to get the tail just right.

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