Saturday, February 26, 2011

Newest little guys

Sorry for the delay in updates everyone, but you all know how busy life gets. So as you may remember we are currently hatching Call Duck eggs. We originally had 19, but those all turned out to be duck less duds. So now we have 11 new eggs, which all seem to be kicking literally. We've looked at them with a flashlight (candling) and can see all 11 heartbeats! Those little guys should be popping out in about 3 weeks or so. I can't wait!!!

Anyways lately I've been creating a new design for a toy, it isn't finished yet, but it gives off a very strong northern European flair. :] Lately I've been doing a bit more knitting and some more "Wild Thing Theory" and here they are.

Here's "not so little" Theodor, he's a chunk. I can just imagine him plopping down right in front of a monster pile of cookies and just sucking them down like a vacuum cleaner.

And this is little Milo, super cute and cuddly :D

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  1. Your blog is so well done- and your photos are great!