Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cute Attack: My Favorites

Sorry for the delay in overwhelming cuteness, but the household continues to be under attack with this dreaded flu. The irony being that I've gotten the flu shot, yet here I am still sick. Anyways the duck eggs that I've referred to in prior post are here! 19 Call Ducks will hopefully be hatching in 23-26 days!!! Yippy! The cuteness to come! But until that time I've been saving the pictures of my favorite foster kittens, Meatball and Taco! In all honesty out of all the foster kittens that I've had those two little guys are the winners. When we first got them they were only 5 days old. Their bellies were so round and the little umbilicord still attached. Little Meatball was the sweetest thing, we actually almost lost him, but thankfully we had our vet sources.  Meatball had to stay at the vets but the brothers, in short time, were reunited. Meatball was my personal favorite, Taco being my sisters'. Meatball is the gray one, while Taco is black spotted.


  1. They are so cute!! Eeek!

    In the fourth picture from the bottom, the kitten's feet look so big, are they the type of cat the cat that has six toes? I think its called polydactel?

  2. You're right! Taco, the black spotted one, had 6 toes on the front and 5 on they back. I forgot to mention that.