Monday, January 31, 2011

Cute Attack of the Day!

Since about the beginning of summer my older sister and I have either been fostering kittens or, because of her work, baby wildlife (Sissy is a wildlife rehabilitator). So I thought that anyone who sees this may want to get a look into the lives of some "foster mums". Please enjoy!

***** If you ever find a wild or orphaned animal bring it to the appropriate location where it can be properly looked after. DO NOT try to raise a wild or orphaned animal without proper training! My sister and I have both received training to foster kittens and she has also received her wildlife rehabilitation license. It is ILLEGAL for anyone who is not licensed to have possession of a wild animal. Thank you*****

Let's start off with the first kitten we ever fostered: Gus! His poor little paw would not straighten out at the start but after a very short time he was good to go!

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