Monday, January 31, 2011

Well here goes nothing

As you may have guessed this little blog is my way of jumping into the cold water of the bloggy-blog world. I never truly expected myself to ever create a blog, yet here I am. I can recall on a few occasions thinking aloud how nice it would be to share some of my cooking, crafting, and such. But I simply never got to it, till now.

Well I guess I should start off with some basic information. I was born with the common English name of Elizabeth, nothing too exciting, but I find a tad odd due to the mixture of meaning and my families values. Anyways currently I'm completing my high school degree while I manage to balance college expectations as well as a business. "A business?" you may ask, yes it is true. August 2010 I started my own Etsy store front called Tails&Snouts. I honestly can't remember how it all started or, for that matter, how I stuck with it, but here I am. I guess what it really came down to was some spare time, the television and I simply found myself crafting. From a very young age I've created in one form or another. Not till I was about 11 did I actually begin doing a craft that would the diving board for my business; knitting.

In my novice years I simply knit row after row to make a scarf. I've abandoned that streamlined existence for something far more satisfying, and cute as well. Little knit toys/hand held animals. All adorable and definitely cuddly! I've recently expanded my business into sewing. And thus "The Wild Thing Theory" was developed. Even as I type this introduction I've already created plans for my newest experiment/creation.

To round this introduction, off if you plan on sticking with this blog you'll encounter new releases from my Etsy store Tails&Snouts (of course), get to hear the first word on my new experiments (maybe even get to try a freebie), get some tasty recipes and how-to's, and on occasion some silly stories from my childhood (which my mother is so kind in revealing due to the wonderful thing I call my personal past amnesia).

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