Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cute Update: Lamb!

A few weeks ago I had volunteered with my sister to be on lamb watch at the local college's farm. Lamb watch was the night shift for keeping an eye on the pregnant ewes to see if any went into labor. The first night was rather quiet, everyone was rather relaxed so most of the time was spent snuggling with the lambs. On the second night one of the ewes had given birth to 3 little lambs only a few hours before we arrived. Sadly it appeared that the lambs weren't nursing so it was necessary to give a little help. One of the lambs however just couldn't figure out how to nurse. After trying for more then an hour it was determined that someone needed to watch the little guy for the night. Oh boy no one ever tells you how loud lambs could be. It was however amusing when we were taking the lamb away from the barn how all the other ewes began yelling at us, probably calling us baby thieves. For that night my sister and I took turns feeding him every 2 hours or so. He was a lazy nurser, but thankfully the next morning when we brought him back to the barn he magically knew how to nurse. For next month we're expected to rear some baby goats! Fingers crossed that they're be quiet efficient nursing babies.

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