Saturday, March 9, 2013

Phat Fiber February Box

At the end of last year I happened to come across Phat Fiber on Ravelry. I had heard about it here and there, but had never really looked into it. After a bit of investigation it seemed like an potentially good fit for the shop. Phat Fiber boxes are specifically designed for small indie fiber and yarn shops. Each month you have the opportunity to send in a collection of samples from your shop. These samples are then distributed among boxes to be sold as a form of advertisement. Each of these boxes has a theme where you have the option to base your samples off of. Take for example the first month I participated in the theme was Nordic Culture, which prompted me to create color ways inspired by Vikings and a Norwegian sunrise.

Anyways this past February's theme was everything purple! I only sent in yarn for the month (samples pictured above), but I loved my color combos. I had Violets, which was a simple white, lilac, and deep purple, and Royalties, a pleasant mix of amethyst purple and maroon. Since I sent in 50 of these little yarns I got my own contributors box and just wanted to show the drool worthy samples.

If you want to check out Phat Fiber they're on Ravelry and here's a link to their site.

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